Why us

AATREYAS AGRO ORGANIC PVT LTD was founded by Mr. Mahendra Makani (Chairman) in 2004 and Mr. Hitesh Limani (Project Head), Mr. Haresh Senghani (Director), Mr. Mehul Makani (Director) and Mr. Jitendrasingh Rao (Concept Selling) are the key persons of the Company. All are well experienced in the Protected Cultivation Concept like Shade Net House, Poly House, Fan & Pad System,, Vermicompost and field of Agriculture. We also have 3 sister Concern companies - AATRE GREENHOUSE PVT LTD, AATRE GREEN ENTERPRISE and ANDIZ CROP SCIENCE.
1. Team Expertise
Mr. Mahendra Makani is handling all responsibilities in the AAOPL. He is a key person who has obtained vigorous training and has 14 years of experience in Vermicompost production and development of new areas for organic farming. He has written a book in Gujarati entitled “Vermicompost Guide”.

Mr. Hitesh Limani has the responsibility of improving and development of new areas for new products and innovations. He is a key person for structure design and commissioning in all over India and abroad. He develops designs as per wind flow, rain, sunlight, etc. He is also taking care of Accounting Part in the Company.

Mr. Hareshbhai Senghani is responsible for the Purchase, Dispatch, Factory Management, Office Management and Inventory Management.
Mr. Mehul Makani is the in charge of Agronomy division. He is responsible for Season Planning, Crop Management, Fertigation  Schedule, Agronomy Services, Technical Guidance and Farm Management. Part of our Agronomy Service Policy, we guides Growers to produce their own compost on his own land in the best & economic way. We believes in “minimize the expense and maximize the profit”.
Mr. Jitendrasingh Rao is responsible for Selling the Concept in India and abroad. He has strong communication and liaising skills.
2. Company Experience
For the last 10 years, we are supplying and erecting Protected Cultivation Setups like Shade Net House, Poly House in India and Abroad. In the recent years we have completed many commercial scale projects. We are also happy to mention that our company has established trading and manufacturing facilities with the latest technical know-how to maintain the stringent & consistent quality parameters of our products. As a result, we are in a position to provide the best Infrastructure facilities and relevant knowledge to the Growers.
3. Agronomical Support and Crop Marketing
We are also working as service provider to the grower community for Agronomy services. After the finishing the Infrastructure of Protected Cultivation Setups, we provide the latest guideline with regards to different crops, Marketing Avenue by providing the best agronomy service to the farmers round the clock as and when required. In also plans, as per the Guideline of GAP Certificate, we plan to sell and make a market across the globe and local market as well by growing the vegetable with the help of Gujarat farmers in the Greenhouse and Nethouse, and also we are working with full management as contract farming.
4. Production Capacity
     We have adequate capacity for production in various projects (units). We have three production units at Gandhinagar, Ajmer & Bhuj and being undertaking huge projects of Shade Nethouse, Greenhouse in entire parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra. We are especially concentrating to manufacture Greenhouse/Nethouse; we make all accessories like a clamp, profile, spring, etc. by our own self in our factory. We have large manufacturing units, which can produce at least 150 hectors Greenhouse, 300 hectares Shade Nethouse and 200 Plug Nursery in a year.
5. Customers Education
      We are working to convert every farmer in India, into a “Precision Farmer”, who grows chemical-free food and to ensure that wholesome organic food replaces chemically saturated food. We will be your partner when you wish to buy organic raw material/organic food or when you wish to get information about organic products at all.
      We have a strong network and educated staff for the service of the farmer and to educate them regarding organic farming instead of chemical farming which now became the aim of Govt. to produce healthy food which provides good health and Infrastructure of Greenhouse and Shade Nethouse so it will earn the more foreign money too. We have a huge dealer network across Gujarat. We had sent some farmers to Puna and Nasik for the training of Greenhouse management and how to earn more profit from it. We also had trained farmers by our company by arranging a seminar in the villages to convert every Greenhouse/Nethouse farmer into a precious farmer of Gujarat.
6. Pre and After-Sale Support
       We are also working as a service provider to the farmer community for the Bank loan, Government subsidy, We also provide Insurance to the farmers for Greenhouse and Shade Nethouse which is pre-requirement of the Financing Agency i.e. Bank and also prevention of risk for farmer's point of view.
we have the expert team who is always ready for after structure installation Query like any repairing work, Expansion, etc.
7. Our Other Activity
We have a Vermicompost production unit at Gandhinagar. Vermicompost is natural manure and it has many benefits in the agricultural filed to improve not only the production of crops but also improves and maintains the various properties of soil like physical, biological and chemical. It is worthwhile to mention that we had handled Asia’s largest vermicompost production plant in Gandhinagar, Gujarat and it was in around 10-acre lands.
    We have earned the credit of managing a 1st Notified Gandhinagar project of Vermicompost production from vegetable wastes in TOWN, with a capacity of 1200 tons/year from daily availability of around 5 tons of veg. wastes and other degradable wastes.
     In 2009, we supplied 8000 bags (50 kg) to the Government of Gujarat under the Development Support Agency of Gujarat (SAN SHIN 2009 Project).It the first successful project that is depending on City waste.
    In this regard it is further mentioned that our Company did an agreement with notified area Gandhinagar for 2010 to five years under the name of AATREYAS AGRO ORGANIC PVT LTD In 2010, the company got pilots project of Vermicompost production on a name with “Aatreyas Agro Organic Pvt. Ltd”.
8. Export
We are exporting our Products (i.e. Structure kit, Fruits and Vegetable) to Gulf, African and European countries.

Meet The Team

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Hitesh Limani

Haresh Sengani

Mehul Makani

Jitendra Rao

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