The main purpose of Protected Cultivation is to create a favorable environment for the sustained yield as to realize its maximum potential even in adverse climatic conditions.

But Selection of Right Technique is very important according to our Climate.

Farmers are facing major challenges in growing vegetables in Polyhouses.

During the summers the temperatures inside a normal Polyhouse used to cross more than 48 degree C.

Growing vegetables in a Shade House is a good option if you live in a climate with hot summers.

This will save on water and will increase your chances of growing healthy plants that will survive our increasingly long heat waves.

Just look at the Flowering!!!

Tomato under Shade Net House...

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I can see the Future of Agriculture - "Shade Net House” .


A Shade Net House is a structure that is framed & made using materials such as GI Pipes and Wire Rope Cables & is covered by a net which is referred to as a Shade Net.But, this Net is not just any ordinary net.

It is one which is made of a 100% Polyethylene and the threads are specialized to stabilize the incoming UV radiation.

These Shade Nets not only act as climate controllers & stabilizers but also act as a protective shield against birds and pests And, the Shade Nets are made from high density polyethylene and are therefore, very strong and durable.

These different Net Shading percentages to choose from are – 15%, 35%, 40%, 50%, 75% & 90%. What these percentages determine is how much percentage of light intensity will that particular Shade Net be able to cut down.

The basic fundamentals of Shade Net House are "NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT" & "CROSS VENTILATION.”

Shade Net plays very important role.

I'm dedicating this article to AM sir - Mali.

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Shade Net House - a WONDER

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