Dome Shade Nethouse

A design for vegetables, Fruits & nursery plant development

  • Height: - 5 meter

  • Base height: - 4 meter

  • Span: - 5m X 5m

  • Pipe type: - Hot dip Galvanized Iron

  • Top covering material: -Mono Filament 125gsm Shade Net/Tape X Tape 110gsm Shade Net

  • Hockey Net: -Insect Net 40 Mess

  • Dome Nethouse can design as per the requirement of concept and crop.

  • Each crop and concept has a different requirement of microclimate.

  • As an example, this kind of structure is very suitable for tissue plant hardening like banana, Papaya etc.

  • After selecting crop/concept and selecting land location we decide appropriate design.

  • This structure can bear wind speed up to 120km/hr.

Possible Designs
  • We have to note that we can grow all kind of crops in season and off-season including exotic crops, all kind of vegetables, Flowers and fruit crop.